This presentation was held in Varazdin, Croatia. Animationfestival for children and youth.

My name is Gunilla Gränsbo and I am Swedish. I live in Gothenburg, which is the second biggest city of Sweden and has about 500.000 inhabitants. I am an animationteacher.
I began my career as a theaterworker designing mask and costumes. I then took a master degree in free art and digital media in an artschool. During my three years there I tried as many different ways to animate as I could.
After this masterprogram in digtal media I started to hold workshops in stopmotion-animation wich has been succesfull and it became my living. Everybody loves to se a caracter made of paper or clay become alive.
In my workshops I have children, teenagers, familys and teachers but most of all I hold workshops in elementary schools.
I am very happy and proud to be here at this festival. When we take childrens work seriously it helps them to grow and they become capable people.
Today young people are exposed to moving images from the day they are born. When they get the possibility to create their own films they process all the things that they have seen. They become producers. They express their own idéas and they coorporate with each other.
Many teachers are surprised when I hold workshops for their class. They have never seen their students work so hard as when they are making animated films together.
When I go to elementary schools I mostly have students between 7-12 years old. For me that is the best level since they still have time to do artistic work at schools.
Animation takes time but isn´t nice on the other hand that the kids have so much patience with something?
I will show you some films that my students made.
How were they made? What things did we use? Would you like me to show how to do it?
I have a Macintosh computer her but it´s absolutely not necessery, it´s Ok with a normal PC and it does not have to be any special one.
The camera can be a webcamera like this, it´s a good one with a glaslens. I have a video camera also but it´s not necessary. You need an animationprogram and there are free ones both for PC and Mac. This is Framethief, for a Windowscomputer you have MonkeyJam
The tecnique I use most of the time is like ”cut-out” but I use clay-figures. Not all children like to draw but most of them like clay. A clay figure that lies down, doesn´t fall and that makes the film much longer and the film-makers can concentrate on what is the film about.

(Animation of the caracter, questions)

Gunilla Gränsbo